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Marc H. Wisselaar
alias "Moiro"


Dear visitor
I am very pleased that you want to visit me virtually and get a little insight into my studio.
My studio is on the first basement floor in two former “handicraft rooms”, which I was able to merge in 2008 with a wall breakthrough.
Therefore, it now offers me a lot of space to be able to realize myself creatively.

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moiro-ART, Marc H. Wisselaar / SWITZERLAND

Are you interested in a picture?

You can have a look at all still existing original pictures in my studio!
(please make an appointment in advance)

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I have always felt drawn to abstract painting. I realized my first «brush stroke» in 1996 while trying to recreate a master of painting. I used a work of art by the Spanish-Catalan painter «Joan Miró» as a template! This - and actually all of his works - fascinated me so much that I was inspired to take a brush in my hand and devote myself to painting. So some pictures in oil were created based on the great master - as well as my pseudonym «moiro», which - difficult to recognize - also reminds of the outstanding master of the last century.

However, many years have passed since then in which I observed painting from a distance and gave priorities to other things.
Since spring 2020, many pictures by various artists have inspired me to tackle painting again. So I try my hand at abstract painting, especially in acrylic and oil techniques, with my own creations - as well as based on works of art by various artists.

You can find me here:

Blauenstrasse 17, CH-4144 Arlesheim / Switzerland

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